Plato's "Laws": The Discovery of Being

Plato's "Laws": The Discovery of Being

Seth Benardete

The Laws used to be Plato's final paintings, his longest, and one in all his such a lot tricky. not like the Republic, which offers an summary excellent now not meant for any genuine group, the Laws turns out to supply useful directions for the institution and upkeep of political order within the actual international. With this publication, the celebrated classicist Seth Benardete bargains an insightful research and remark in this wealthy and intricate discussion. all of the chapters corresponds to 1 of the twelve books of the Laws, illuminating the most important issues and arguments, that have to do with theology, the soul, justice, and education.

The Greek observe for legislation, "nomos," additionally capability musical song. Bernardete indicates how music—in the broadest feel, together with drama, epic poetry, or even puppetry—mediates among cause and town in Plato's philosophy of legislations. such a lot extensively, despite the fact that, Benardete right here uncovers the hid ontological measurement of the Laws, explaining why it truly is hid and the way it involves mild. In setting up the coherence and underlying association of Plato's final discussion, Benardete makes an important contribution to Platonic studies.

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