Plaster City (A Jimmy Veeder Fiasco)

Plaster City (A Jimmy Veeder Fiasco)

Johnny Shaw

Jimmy Veeder and Bobby Maves are again at it, years after the occasions of Dove Season—they’re now not precisely the luckiest men within the Imperial Valley, yet, good day, they win extra fights than they lose.

Settled on his personal farmland and dwelling like a real kinfolk guy after years of irresponsible enjoyable, Jimmy’s acquired a directly lifestyles lower out for him. yet he’s knocking years off that existence due to fun-yet-dangerous Bobby’s booze-addled antics—especially now that Bobby is unmarried, unstable, profane as ever, and bored as hell.

When Bobby’s teenage daughter is going lacking, he and Jimmy take off on a misadventure that begins out as simply unlucky and escalates to downright calamitous. Bobby won’t hesitate to kick a hornets’ nest to get the lady to safeguard, but if the rescue venture is going riotously sideways, the duo’s grit—and loyalty to every other—is positioned to the test.

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