Pigeon (Animal)

Pigeon (Animal)

Barbara Allen

Our common city significant other, cooing within the eaves of teach stations or scavenging underfoot for breadcrumbs and discarded French fries, the pigeon has many detractors—and even a few fanatics. Written out of affection for and fascination with this humble but vital fowl, Barbara Allen's Pigeon explores its cultural value, in addition to its similarities to and modifications from its shut counterpart, the dove. whereas the dove is noticeable as a logo of affection, peace, and goodwill, the pigeon is often perceived as a dirty, ill-mannered flying rodent, a "rat with wings."

Readers will locate in Pigeon an attractive exploration of the historic and modern bonds among people and those distinctive and heavily comparable birds. For polluting statues and structure, the pigeon has earned a nasty recognition, yet Barbara Allen bargains numerous examples of the bird's importance—as a resource of nutrients and fertilizer, a bearer of messages in periods of struggle, a toxins video display, and an relief to Charles Darwin in his pivotal study on evolutionary concept. Allen additionally reviews at the literary love and occasion of pigeons and doves within the paintings of such writers and poets as Shakespeare, Dickens, Beatrix Potter, Proust, and Isaac Bashevis Singer. alongside the best way, Allen corrects the various stereotypes approximately pigeons within the desire that the wealthy historical past of 1 of the oldest human-animal partnerships could be either sought after and celebrated.

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