Pass the Butterworms: Remote Journeys Oddly Rendered

Pass the Butterworms: Remote Journeys Oddly Rendered

Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill, intrepid voyager and writer of A Wolverine Is consuming My Leg, is again, bringing with him one other pleasant selection of adventure-travel writings which are jam-packed with the irreverent wit and appreciation for the absurd which are uniquely -- and hilariously -- his.

Whether taking an icy dip between polar bears on the North Pole, horseback driving at the Mongolian steppes with the descendants of Genghis Khan, or having fun with cuisine like sauteed sago beetle and premasticated manioc beer, Cahill writes approximately his studies along with his personal unique mix of enthusiasm and worry. cross the Butterworms makes delectable analyzing for the armchair vacationer, taking the riveted reader to areas the place merely Tim Cahill could dare go.

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