Paradise Park

Paradise Park

Allegra Goodman

Allegra Goodman has extremely joyful readers together with her seriously acclaimed collections Total Immersion and The family members Markowitz, and her celebrated first novel, Kaaterskill Falls, which was once a countrywide bestseller and a National publication Award finalist.

Abandoned via her folk-dancing accomplice, Gary, in a Honolulu resort room, Sharon realizes she may possibly go back to Boston—and her estranged family—or take heed to that little voice inside of herself. The voice that asks: “How come Gary bought to pursue his explanations, whereas all I received to pursue used to be him?” hence, with an open center, a soul on hearth, and her meager possessions (a guitar, Indian gauze skirts, a macramé bikini, and her grandfather’s silver watch) Sharon starts off her personal religious quest. Ever the optimist, she is certain at every one degree that she has struck it wealthy “spiritually speaking”—until she comes up empty. Then, in a karmic convergence of occasions, Sharon begins at the direction domestic to Judaism. nonetheless, while she embraces her culture, Sharon’s irrepressible self tugs at her sleeve. in particular whilst she meets Mikhail, falls really in love eventually, and discovers what even she couldn't imagine—her future.

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