Papal Magic

Papal Magic


It is said Church doctrine that sorcery is the categorical area of the satan. but occult stories are liberally sprinkled through the previous and New Testaments, from the spirit-invoking Witch of Endor to the tale of Jesus elevating Lazarus from the lifeless. all through its 2,000 yr background, the Church has spawned a variety of mystical non secular orders, just like the Knights Templar, which could were engaged in supernatural targets, whereas no fewer than 3 popes have been believed to be fascinated by occult practices.

Christian scriptures let us know that the occult is actual, whereas Catholic monks are concept to have religious energy over ghosts and evil entities. but when a clergyman can solid out demons through the rites of exorcism, does it now not suggest he has the power to summon them as well?

In this eye-opening, provocative paintings, best occult student Simon examines the Church's unstated courting with forbidden magic by means of exploring the notorious seventeenth-century record thought of by way of a few to be the main demonic of all occult texts—the Grimoire of Pope Honorius III—and illuminates the Vatican's darkest hidden corners.

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