Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us about Sex, Diet, and How We Live

Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us about Sex, Diet, and How We Live

“With . . . proof from contemporary genetic and anthropological learn, [Zuk] deals a dose of paleoreality.”―Erin Wayman, Science News

We advanced to devour berries instead of bagels, to stay in dust huts instead of condos, to dash barefoot instead of play football―or did we? Are bodies and brains actually at odds with sleek lifestyles? even though it could seem as if we now have slightly had time to shed our hunter-gatherer legacy, biologist Marlene Zuk finds that the tale isn't so uncomplicated. renowned theories approximately how our ancestors lived―and why we must always emulate them―are frequently according to hypothesis, now not clinical facts.

Armed with a razor-sharp wit and remarkable, eye-opening learn, Zuk takes us to the leading edge of biology to teach that evolution can paintings a lot swifter than was once formerly discovered, that means that we aren't biologically kind of like our caveman ancestors. opposite to what the modern magazines might have us think, we don't get pleasure from potato chips simply because they crunch like the bugs our forebears snacked on. and girls don’t move into shoe-shopping frenzies simply because their prehistoric foremothers accumulated assets for his or her clans. As Zuk compellingly argues, such ideals incorrectly imagine that we’re stuck―finished evolving―and were for tens of hundreds of thousands of years. She attracts on attention-grabbing facts that examines every little thing from adults’ skill to drink milk to the feel of our ear wax to teach that we’ve really by no means stopped evolving. Our nostalgic visions of a great evolutionary earlier during which we ate, lived, and reproduced as we have been “meant to” fail to acknowledge that we have been by no means ideally fitted to our surroundings. Evolution is ready switch, and each organism is stuffed with trade-offs.

From debunking the caveman vitamin to unraveling gender stereotypes, Zuk grants an engrossing research of common paleofantasies and the medical facts that undermines them, all of the whereas broadening our realizing of our origins and what they could quite let us know approximately our current and our future.

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