Orlando Furioso, Volume 1

Orlando Furioso, Volume 1

Ludovico Ariosto

Translated by way of Barbara Reynolds

One of the best epic poems of the Italian Renaissance, Orlando Furioso is an tricky story of affection and appeal set on the time of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne's clash with the Moors. whilst count number Orlando returns to France from Cathay with the captive Angelica as his prize, her attractiveness quickly conjures up his cousin Rinaldo to problem him to a duel - yet in the course of their conflict, Angelica escapes from either knights on horseback and starts a determined quest for freedom. This astounding kaleidoscope of superb adventures, sorcery and romance has encouraged generations of writers - together with Spenser and Shakespeare - with its depiction of a fantastical international of magic earrings, flying horses, sinister wizardry and barbaric splendour.

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