Oracles of Delphi Keep

Oracles of Delphi Keep

Victoria Laurie

Ian Wigby is ready to determine that he's a truly specific boy.

Along the southern coast of britain, atop the White Cliffs of Dover, stands a fortress. And at that castle’s outdated hold is an orphanage. Delphi hold has obvious many little ones come and struggle through its gates, and Ian Wigby and his sister, Theodosia, are satisfied to name it domestic. lifestyles has constantly been uncomplicated on the maintain, and the orphanage secure, till in the future, Ian and Theo discover a silver treasure field. And in the field, a prophesy. 3 thousand years in the past an exceptional Greek oracle wrote of a quest. A quest on which the destiny of the realm relies. A quest that names children—Ian and Theodosia. by surprise Delphi retain isn't any longer secure. And Ian and Theo, besides a really specific team of pals, detect they need to get to the bottom of the that means at the back of the scroll of Dover cavern earlier than darkness falls at the global. And ahead of an unfathomable evil catches up with them.

From the Hardcover edition.

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