Operation Whiplash

Operation Whiplash

Dan J. Marlowe

It wasn’t in any respect like Hazel to move off with out a be aware to Drake. yet she did. He attempted calling her on the hotel, yet they acknowledged she’d simply looked at. No, no messages.

Drake figured he’d larger do some checking on his own.

Which is why he went to work out Hazel’s enterprise supervisor, Nate Pepperan, in Hudson. It were Pepperman’s cellphone name which had taken Hazel to Hudson within the first position. Nate could absolutely understand the place she was.

But Nate wasn’t telling. How may possibly he, along with his throat slit?

Operation Whiplash—a annoying, blood-pounding story of mayhem, homicide, and the Mafia with Drake, the guy with Nobody’s Face.

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