One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life

One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life

Mitch Horowitz

From the millions-strong audiences of Oprah and The Secret to the mass-media ministries of evangelical figures like Joel Osteen and T. D. Jakes, to the motivational bestsellers and New Age seminars to the twelve-step courses and help teams of the restoration move and to the increase of confident psychology and stress-reduction cures, this idea--to imagine positively--is metaphysics morphed into mass trust. this is often the biography of that belief.

            not anyone has but written a major and broad-ranging therapy and historical past of the positive-thinking circulate. beforehand. For all its impression throughout pop culture, faith, politics, and medication, this psycho-spiritual flow is still a maligned and misunderstood strength in glossy lifestyles. Its roots are unseen and its long-range effect is unacknowledged. it's always thought of a cotton-candy theology for brand spanking new Agers and self-help junkies. In reaction, One basic Idea corrects numerous ancient misconceptions in regards to the positive-thinking stream and introduces us to a couple of colourful and dramatic personalities, together with Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale, whose books and effect have touched the lives of millions the world over.

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