On Resistance: A Philosophy of Defiance

On Resistance: A Philosophy of Defiance

Howard Caygill

No note is extra imperative to the modern political mind's eye and motion than 'resistance'. In its quite a few manifestations - from the armed guerrilla to Gandhian mass pacifist protest, from Wikileaks and the Arab Spring to the worldwide eruption and violent repression of the Occupy move - techniques of resistance have gotten ubiquitous and pressing. during this publication, Howard Caygill conducts the 1st ever systematic research of 'resistance': as a way of defying political oppression, in its courting with army violence and its cultural illustration.

Beginning with the militaristic doctrine of Clausewitz and the evolution of a brand new version of guerrilla struggle to withstand the forces of Napoleonic France, On Resistance elucidates and opinions the contributions of seminal resistant thinkers from Marx and Nietzsche to Mao, Gandhi, Sartre and Fanon to spot continuities of resistance and uprising from the Paris Commune to the Greenham Women's Peace Camp. using a threefold line of inquiry, Caygill exposes the continual discourses in which resistance has been framed when it comes to strength, violence, attention and subjectivity to conform a critique of resistance. Tracing the good points of resistance, its innovations, personality and recurring types all through smooth international background Caygill identifies the typological consistencies which make up resistance. eventually, by way of teasing out the conceptual nuances of resistance and its affinities to strategies of repression, reform and revolution, Caygill displays upon modern manifestations of resistance to spot no matter if the twenty first century is evolving new understandings of protest and struggle.

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