On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean

On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean

Scott B. Williams

Tourists stopover at well known islands of the Caribbean by means of the planeload. What they do not see from their hotel resorts are the loads of out-of-the-way, uninhabited islands sprinkled alongside the West Indies from Florida to South the USA. This eye-catching archipelago, strung with shorelines obtainable in simple terms via boat yet spaced temptingly shut jointly, led Mississippi adventurer Scott B. Williams to embark upon an open-ended quest to determine how a ways south he may perhaps move in a seventeen-foot sea kayak.

not anyone used to be prepared to accompany him. He spent months operating his method down the west coast of Florida, in the course of the Bahamas, and directly to Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean, his narrative of this trip of an entire life, describes the wonders of discovery as he makes landfall on pristine cays. Relentless headwinds, risky surf, numerous shorelines declared off-limits to trespassing, and competitive sharks that ram his kayak and snap him out of his musing remind the adventurer that this paradise is way from excellent. each day of the adventure required consistent vigilance.

with out one to depend upon and infrequently nobody even figuring out the place he used to be for weeks at a time, Williams discovered what it capacity to be self-reliant and to regulate to "island time." With only a uncomplicated craft and the few assets that might slot in it, Williams explores a nearly boundless frontier and a strong average stretch of the Caribbean not often, if ever, accessed by means of the island vacationer.

A woodworker and boat chippie, Scott B. Williams, Brandon, Mississippi, has released in such periodicals as Sea Kayaker, Mississippi Outdoors, and South Mississippi outside and Recreation.

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