Oggie Cooder

Oggie Cooder

Sarah Weeks

From the writer of So B. It, a brilliant captivating middle-grade Napoleon Dynamite with middle - the story of a really normal boy who is installed his school's highlight whilst his averageness appeals to a television show.

Oggie Cooder has a expertise -- he can charve greater than an individual else in Truman hassle-free university. (Charving, for the uninitiated, is the carving of a section of cheese with one's teeth.) Oggie does not imagine this is often something distinct -- yet his entire university will quickly be disagreeing with him. simply because after he inadvertantly charves in the course of a national hunt for strange abilities, his charving places him at the route to status and forture. unexpectedly, he is the celebrity of the varsity . . . yet he is not definite that he desires to shine that way.
This is Sarah Weeks at her most sensible -- humorous, shrewdpermanent, and kid-friendly.

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