Of Orcas and Men: What Killer Whales Can Teach Us

Of Orcas and Men: What Killer Whales Can Teach Us

A celebrated journalist’s eye-opening background of orcas, and an exploration in their dating with human beings--a must-read for somebody who is ever been moved through those awesome creatures

Orcas are considered one of earth’s such a lot clever animals. Benign and mild, with their very own languages and cultures, orcas’ outstanding ability for long term reminiscence and, arguably, compassion, makes the grotesque tale of the captive-orca particularly damning.

In Of Orcas and Men, a marvelously compelling mixture of cultural heritage, environmental reporting, and clinical examine, David Neiwert explores how this amazing species has come to catch our imaginations―and the catastrophic environmental outcomes of that appeal.

In the culture of Barry Lopez’s vintage Of Wolves and Men, David Neiwert’s publication is a strong tribute to 1 of the animal kingdom’s so much amazing members.

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