North Korea: Another Country

North Korea: Another Country

Bruce Cumings

Depicted as an insular and forbidding police kingdom with an “insane” dictator at its helm, North Korea—charter member of Bush’s “Axis of Evil”—is a rustic the U.S. likes to hate. Now the CIA says it possesses nuclear, chemical, and organic guns, in addition to long-range missiles in a position to supplying them to America’s West Coast.

But, as Bruce Cumings demonstrates during this provocative, full of life learn, the tale of the U.S.-Korea clash is extra advanced than our leaders or our information media might have us think. Drawing on his broad wisdom of Korea, and on declassified govt experiences, Cumings strains that tale, from the brutal Korean struggle to the current concern. Harboring no illusions concerning the totalitarian Kim Jong Il regime, Cumings still insists on a extra nuanced technique. the result's either a counter-narrative to the respectable U.S. and North Korean models and a desirable portrayal of North Korea, a rustic that suffers via international invasions, normal failures, and its personal inner contradictions, but in some way maintains to survive.

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