Norse Mythology: A Guide to Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs

Norse Mythology: A Guide to Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs

John Lindow

Norse Mythology explores the mystical myths and legends of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Viking-Age Greenland and descriptions the way in which the prehistoric stories and ideology from those areas that experience remained embedded within the mind's eye of the world.

The publication starts with an creation that is helping positioned Scandinavian mythology in position in historical past, via a bankruptcy that explains the which means of mythic time, and a 3rd part that offers in-depth factors of every mythological time period. those interesting entries establish specific deities and giants, in addition to the areas the place they reside and the numerous and wily ability through which they forge their lifestyles and conflict each other. We meet Thor, some of the most robust gods, who makes a speciality of killing giants utilizing a hammer made for him through dwarfs, let alone myriad trolls, ogres, people and unusual animals. We research of the continuing fight among the gods, who create the cosmos, and the jötnar, or giants, who target to damage it. within the enchanted global the place this mythology happens, we come across turbulent rivers, majestic mountains, dense forests, storms, fierce winters, eagles, ravens, salmon and snakes in a panorama heavily equivalent to Scandinavia. Beings go back and forth on ships and on horseback; they devour slaughtered meat and drink mead.

Spanning from the inception of the universe and the beginning of people to the universe's destruction and the mythic destiny, those glowing stories of construction and destruction, loss of life and rebirth, gods and heroes will entertain readers and supply perception into the connection among Scandinavian fable, historical past, and culture.

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