Nile 1798: Nelson's first great victory (Campaign, Volume 230)

Nile 1798: Nelson's first great victory (Campaign, Volume 230)

Gregory Freemont-Barnes

at the evening of August 1, 1798, a British fleet less than the command of Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson met a French fleet lower than the command of Admiral François-Paul Brueys D'Aigalliers. via morning the British had gained a near-complete victory: basically of the thirteen French ships-of-the-line escaped and the remaining have been both captured or destroyed. It used to be the 1st significant self reliant victory of Nelson's occupation yet extra importantly it crippled the French attempt in Africa by way of denying them entry to the suplies and help from the ocean. This ebook makes use of the newest learn, new maps and especially commissioned paintings to inform the tale of 1 of the nice sea battles of the Napoleonic era.

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