Naw Much of a Talker

Naw Much of a Talker

Pedro Lenz

An award-winning comedian novel approximately fact, lies, and storytelling, with an unforgettably unreliable narrator, translated from its cutting edge Swiss vernacular again into the Glaswegian that was once its unique inspiration

Known merely as "the goalie," the novel's narrator is often taking the blame. he is simply been published from detention center, having kept quiet during a drug bust at his neighborhood pub. The goalie is a sucker for a very good tale, he lives and breathes them, is eternally telling tales to himself and an individual who'll hear. He returns to his fatherland broke, falling in love with Regi, a barmaid. On a visit jointly to Spain, to connect with his shady acquaintances, Regi realizes that this obsession with storytelling has its downsides, the goalie all too able to think the yarns his so-called associates spin. This novel is an enthralling, hilarious journey in the course of the goalie's anecdotes. Storytelling is his approach of fending off difficulties and clash, his crowning success and tragic flaw. Regi concludes that it's not a girl the goalie wishes, yet an viewers. Pedro Lenz harnesses his enormous powers as a performer and oral storyteller during this strong and unforgettable party of the rhythms and musicality of the spoken word.

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