n+1, Issue 12: Conversion Experience (Fall 2011)

n+1, Issue 12: Conversion Experience (Fall 2011)

From Wiki:

n+1 is a brand new York–based American literary journal that publishes social feedback, political observation, essays, artwork, poetry, booklet experiences, and brief fiction. it really is released thrice every year, and content material is released on its site a number of instances every one week. every one print factor averages round two hundred pages in length.


This add is a part of my ongoing venture. I'm engaged on making .pdfs of each factor that's been published. the web site doesn't have the articles to be had as .pdfs, so I'm making those from scratch.

I replaced the various formatting. all the destiny matters will seem like this.


Read this journal when you like: leftist politics and something literary.


Issue Twelve - Conversion adventure, Fall 2011: 171 pages

Against intervention, domestic in Baltimore, passionate about Gchat. Mark Greif in Stanley Cavell’s school room and Kent Russell in juggalo kingdom. Helen DeWitt’s new novel.

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