Mystery of Crocodile Island (Nancy Drew, No. 55)

Mystery of Crocodile Island (Nancy Drew, No. 55)

Carolyn Keene

In a reaction to a friend’s demand support, Nancy’s father, a legal professional, asks her to shuttle to mysterious Crocodile Island together with her neighbors Bes and George to check the reptiles and check out to discover a bunch of suspected poachers.

Upon their arrival in Florida, the women are abducted yet cleverly get away to pursue their detective paintings. hazards mount as they take care of reptiles, enemy boats, and fascinating chases after the lads who're answerable for a sinister racket that comprises many unsuspecting sufferers. finally, Nancy makes a daring circulation to untangle the mass of clues, yet she and Ned develop into imprisoned within the enemy’s submarine and are held for ransom!

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