My Lady, My Lord (Twist, Book 1)

My Lady, My Lord (Twist, Book 1)

Katharine Ashe

"Historical romance... with a twist.

2015 RITA® Award Finalist

The Goddess of affection is trapped in a statue in Regency England, and one altar shy relations is set to find how devoted Aphrodite is to her work...

Lady Corinna Mowbray has 3 passions: first-class books, clever dialog, and disdaining the libertine Earl of likelihood.

Lord Ian probability has 3 pleasures: attractive ladies, quickly horses, and tormenting high-and-mighty Corinna Mowbray.

Neighbors for years, they've been at every one other's throats because they could consider. but if a accident forces them to alternate lives, how lengthy will or not it's prior to they become aware of they can't dwell with no each one other?

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