My Lady Below Stairs

My Lady Below Stairs

Mia Marlowe

not anyone misses Lord & girl Hartwell's Christmas Ball, . . . yet all of them opt for diversified purposes. while woman Sybil runs off with an Italian portrait painter, her bastard half-sister Jane Tate is going in her position. Lord Eddleton plans on featuring to "Sybil" lower than the mistletoe. woman Darvish is at the hunt for her 5th husband.. And Ian Michael MacGarrett, the top groom with greater than horseflesh on his brain, is decided to teach Jane that love does not need to pretend.

Reviews …

“Historical romance hasn't ever been lots fun!”~ Barbara Vey, past Her Book

"My woman under Stairs, the tale of a bastard servant woman known as in to impersonate her lacking aristocratic half-sister with effects worthwhile of Shakespeare!” ~ Library Journal

"Great writing and learn talents, in addition to her skill to weave a superb outdated tale with heft, make her an writer to watch." ~Michelle Buonfiglio, RomanceBuyTheBook

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