Much Ado About Marriage

Much Ado About Marriage

Karen Hawkins

New York Times bestselling writer Karen Hawkins’s first historic romance, initially titled ONE fortunate LORD and written as Kim Bennett, has been rewritten to tie into either her "MacLeans" sequence and her new "Hurst Amulet" series.

Fearless English earl Thomas Wentworth taunts at failure, trusting within the mythical Wentworth success to protect his undercover agent undertaking to Scotland. yet a unmarried come across with saucy Scotswoman Fia Maclean turns Thomas's project topsy-turvy. All-too-innocently entangling him in his enemy's seize, the attractive Fia supplies Thomas no get away yet to marry her. yet Thomas does not be aware of simply what he is marrying into. With an historic amulet in Fia's ownership, she wields much more strength than her sharp tongue and quick wit. Her cousin, Douglas Maclean stole the magical amulet from the White Witch, Maeve Hurst, and gave it to Fia for safekeeping. yet now, with Fia in London with Thomas, the amulet falls into the arms of Queen Elizabeth. considering it will likely be secure within the queen's fingers, Fia leaves it's and specializes in bedeviling her newly betrothed!

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