Mrs. Fry's Diary

Mrs. Fry's Diary

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry's mystery spouse speaks out at last...

"Enjoyed a pleasant cuppa this morning with a HobNob and Jeremy Kyle. there has been a girl on there who'd been married sixteen years with out realising her husband was once homosexual. striking! Which jogs my memory, it's our sixteenth anniversary in a couple of weeks. What a coincidence."

Stephen Fry - actor, author, raconteur and wit. Cerebral and complex, a real renaissance guy. Or is he?

Finally, his mystery double existence - the womanizing, the window-cleaning, the kebabs, the karaoke - is solely published via Edna, his dedicated spouse and mom of his 5, six or very likely seven kids.

These diaries take us via a 12 months within the lifetime of an unwitting big name spouse, and are rumoured to incorporate: - scandalous nocturnal shenanigans - suggestion on childcare - one zero one activities with a tin of junk mail.

'A strong diary can be like an exceptional husband - a continuing better half, a resource of suggestion and, preferably, sure in leather.' - Edna Fry

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