Mr. Monk Helps Himself

Mr. Monk Helps Himself

Hy Conrad

Welcome to the sequence of unique mysteries starring Adrian Monk, the intense investigator who continually understands whilst something’s out of place....

Natalie is taking a holiday from learning for her PI license—the final step to turning into Monk’s complete accomplice. She sneaks off to part Moon Bay for a retreat run by means of Miranda Bigley, chief of the very best Me self-help software, yet her plans for a calming weekend are disrupted while Monk tracks her all the way down to rescue her from the “cult.” Their argument is lower brief while Miranda, in complete view of all people, flippantly walks to the sting of a cliff and jumps.

Even even though Miranda’s loss of life feels like suicide, Natalie is certain it really is homicide. yet Monk brushes her off to assist the SFPD remedy the homicide of a clown, regardless of his coulrophobia, aka worry of clowns. As Monk and Natalie start their self sustaining investigations, they quick research that in the event that they are looking to determine whodunit, they're going to need to give you the option to turn into precise partners....

An all-new tale starring Adrian Monk by means of Edgar® Award–nominated Monk screenwriter and coexecutive manufacturer Hy Conrad. It’s compulsive, page-turning enjoyable.

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