Mourning Sickness: Hegel and the French Revolution (Cultural Memory in the Present)

Mourning Sickness: Hegel and the French Revolution (Cultural Memory in the Present)

Rebecca Comay

This e-book explores Hegel's reaction to the French progressive Terror and its influence on Germany. Like lots of his contemporaries, Hegel was once struck through the seeming parallel among the political upheaval in France and the upheaval in German philosophy inaugurated through the Protestant Reformation and taken to a climax via German Idealism. Many thinkers reasoned political revolution will be pointless in Germany, simply because this highbrow "revolution" had preempted it. Having already been via its personal cataclysm, Germany will be in a position to extract the power of the Revolution and channel its radicalism into suggestion. Hegel comes just about making such a controversy too. yet he additionally bargains a robust research of the way this type of secondhand background will get generated within the first position, and indicates what's stake. this can be what makes him uniquely attention-grabbing between his contemporaries: he demonstrates how a myth will be concurrently deconstructed and enjoyed.

Mourning Sickness presents a brand new interpreting of Hegel within the mild of latest theories of historic trauma. It explores the ways that significant historic occasions are skilled vicariously, and the fantasies we use to make experience of them. Comay brings Hegel into relation with the main burning modern discussions round disaster, witness, reminiscence, and the position of tradition in shaping political experience.

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