Motherless Brooklyn

Motherless Brooklyn

Jonathan Lethem

From America's so much creative novelist, Jonathan Lethem, comes this compelling and compulsive riff at the vintage detective novel.

Lionel Essrog is Brooklyn's own self-appointed Human Freakshow, an orphan whose Tourettic impulses force him to bark, count number, and rip aside our language in startling and unique ways.  Together with 3 veterans of the St. Vincent's domestic for Boys, he works for small-time mobster Frank Minna's limo provider cum detective service provider. lifestyles with no Frank Minna, the charismatic King of Brooklyn, will be unbelievable, so who cares if the projects he units them are, good, now not precisely criminal. but if Frank is fatally stabbed, one among Lionel's colleagues lands in penal complex, the opposite vie for his place, and the victim's widow skips city. Lionel's international is unexpectedly topsy-turvy, and this outcast who has hassle even speaking makes an attempt to untangle the threads of the case whereas attempting to retain the phrases immediately in his head.  Motherless Brooklyn is a brilliantly unique homage to the vintage detective novel through some of the most acclaimed writers of his iteration.

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