Mirror, Mirror: The Uses and Abuses of Self-Love

Mirror, Mirror: The Uses and Abuses of Self-Love

Simon Blackburn

Everyone deplores narcissism, specially in others. The useless are by way of turns tense or absurd, offending us whether or not they are blissfully oblivious or proudly conscious of their habit. yet are narcissism and self-esteem rather as undesirable as they appear? do we stay away from them whether we attempt? In Mirror, Mirror, Simon Blackburn, the writer of such best-selling philosophy books as Think, Being Good, and Lust, says that narcissism, self-importance, satisfaction, and vanity are extra advanced than they first look and feature innumerable reliable and undesirable types. Drawing on philosophy, psychology, literature, heritage, and pop culture, Blackburn bargains an enlightening and enjoyable exploration of self-love, from the parable of Narcissus and the Christian tale of the autumn to present day vanity industry.

A gleaming mix of studying, humor, and elegance, Mirror, Mirror examines what nice thinkers have acknowledged approximately self-love--from Aristotle, Cicero, and Erasmus to Rousseau, Adam Smith, Kant, and Iris Murdoch. It considers trendy "me"-related obsessions, resembling the "selfie," cosmetic surgery, and beauty improvements, and displays on attached phenomena corresponding to the deadly commodification of social lifestyles and the tragic overconfidence of George W. Bush and Tony Blair. eventually, Mirror, reflect shows why self-regard is an important and fit a part of existence. however it additionally means that we've misplaced the power to distinguish--let by myself strike a balance--between strong and undesirable varieties of self-concern.

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