Miami War Zone (M.I.A. Hunter, Book 10)

Miami War Zone (M.I.A. Hunter, Book 10)

Bill Crider, Stephen Mertz

Cocaine Kill Squad!

Ex-Vietnam vet Jack Wofford was once scuffling with a brand new form of warfare. The battlefield was once Miami. the military was once the D.E.A. And the enemy was once the bottom type of drug-dealing scum ever to learn from human suffering.

Now, Jack Wofford is lacking. And M.I.A. hunter Mark Stone is mad as hell. Wofford kept his lifestyles again in 'Nam, and Stone is able to tackle each rattling pusher and kingpin within the urban to discover him...

Crooked police officers, purchasers, mobsters -- not anyone is secure from the savage, avenging fury of...

Stone: M.I.A. Hunter

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