Miami Blues

Miami Blues

Charles Willeford

After a brutal day investigating a quadruple murder, Detective Hoke Moseley settles into his room on the un-illustrious El Dorado inn and nurses a pitcher of brandy. along with his safeguard down, he doesn’t think carefully whilst he hears a knock at the door. tomorrow, he reveals himself within the health center, badly bruised and together with his jaw stressed out close. He thinks again over ten years of instances puzzling over who would need to overcome him into unconsciousness, scouse borrow his gun and badge, and most significantly, make off together with his prized dentures. however the items by no means really upload as much as revenge, and the few clues he has continue connecting to a dimwitted hooker, and her ex-con boyfriend and the weird homicide of a Hare Krishna pimp.

Chronically depressed, always strapped for cash, continually prepared to bend the foundations a section, Hoke Moseley is not often what you think that of because the ideal cop, yet he's one of many the best detective creations of all time.

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