Method and Madness: The Hidden Story of Israel's Assults on Gaza

Method and Madness: The Hidden Story of Israel's Assults on Gaza

Norman G. Finkelstein

some time past 5 years Israel has fixed 3 significant attacks at the 1.8 million Palestinians trapped at the back of its blockade of the Gaza Strip. Taken jointly, Operation forged Lead (2008-9), Operation Pillar of safeguard (2012), and Operation protecting area (2014), have led to the deaths of a few 3,700 Palestinians. in the meantime, a complete of ninety Israelis have been killed within the invasions. at the face of it, this succession of drastically disproportionate assaults has frequently appeared frenzied and pathological. Senior Israeli politicians haven't discouraged such perceptions, certainly they've got actively inspired them. After the 2008-9 attack Israel’s then-foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, boasted, “Israel verified actual hooliganism throughout the process the hot operation, which I demanded.”

However, as Norman G. Finkelstein units out during this concise, paradigm-shifting new ebook, a better exam of Israel’s reasons finds a country whose repeated recourse to savage struggle is much from irrational. relatively, Israel’s assaults were designed to sabotage the potential of a compromise peace with the Palestinians, even on phrases which are favorable to it.

Looking additionally at machinations round the 2009 UN subsidized Goldstone file and Turkey’s forlorn try to search redress within the UN for the killing of its electorate within the 2010 assault at the Gaza freedom flotilla, Finkelstein files how Israel has time and again eluded responsibility for what are actually well known as warfare crimes.
Further, he exhibits that, even though neither aspect can declare transparent victory in those conflicts, the consequent stalemate is still even more tolerable for Israelis than for the beleaguered voters of Gaza. a technique of mass non-violent protest may possibly, he contends, carry extra promise for a Palestinian victory than army resistance, in spite of the fact that courageous.

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