Medication Madness: A Psychiatrist Exposes the Dangers of Mood-Altering Medications

Medication Madness: A Psychiatrist Exposes the Dangers of Mood-Altering Medications

Medications for every thing from melancholy and anxiousness to ADHD and insomnia are being prescribed in alarming numbers around the state, however the “cure” is frequently worse than the unique challenge. Medication Madness is an engaging, scary, and dramatic examine the position that psychiatric drugs have performed in fifty instances of suicide, homicide, and different violent, felony, and peculiar behaviors. 

As a psychiatrist who believes in conserving humans liable for their behavior, the burden of clinical proof and years of scientific adventure finally confident Dr. Breggin that psychiatric medicinal drugs often reason participants to lose their judgment and their skill to manage their feelings and activities. Medication Madness increases and examines the problems surrounding own accountability while habit turns out pushed via drug-induced opposed reactions and intoxication.

Dr. Breggin in my opinion evaluated the situations within the e-book in his function as a treating psychiatrist, advisor or clinical expert.  He interviewed survivors and witnesses, and reviewed huge scientific, occupational, academic and police documents. the good majority of people lived exemplary lives and dedicated no felony or extraordinary activities sooner than taking the psychiatric medications.

Medication Madness reads like a scientific mystery, actual crime tale, and court drama; however it is firmly dependent within the most up-to-date medical study and dozens of case reports. The lives of the youngsters and adults in those tales, in addition to the lives in their households and their sufferers, have been thrown into turmoil and occasionally destroyed by way of the unanticipated results of psychiatric drugs.  at times our whole society was once reworked by way of the tragic results.

Many different types of psychiatric medications may cause most likely horrendous reactions.

Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Xanax, lithium, Zyprexa and different psychiatric medicines may perhaps spellbind sufferers into believing they're more desirable while too usually they're changing into worse.  Psychiatric medications force a few humans into psychosis, mania, melancholy, suicide, agitation, compulsive violence and lack of strength of will with no the contributors figuring out that their drugs have deformed their state of mind and feeling. 

This ebook files how the FDA, the scientific institution and the pharmaceutical have over-sold the worth of psychiatric drugs.  It serves as a cautionary story approximately our reliance on most likely harmful psychoactive chemical compounds to alleviate our emotional difficulties and gives a favorable method of taking own cost of our lives.

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