Me, Myself and Us: Lessons in the New Science of Personality

Me, Myself and Us: Lessons in the New Science of Personality

Brian Little

long ago few a long time, character psychology has made huge development in elevating new questions about human nature—and offering a few provocative solutions. New clinical learn has reworked previous principles approximately character in keeping with the theories of Freud, Jung, and the humanistic psychologies of the 19 sixties, which gave upward thrust to the simplistic categorizations of the Meyer-Briggs stock and the 'enneagream'. however the basic public nonetheless is familiar with little in regards to the new technological know-how and what it unearths approximately who we are.

In this ebook, Brian Little, one of many psychologists who helped re-shape the sector, presents the 1st in-depth exploration of the hot character technological know-how and its provocative findings for common readers. The e-book explores questions which are rooted within the origins of human realization yet are as typical as yesterday’s breakfast dialog. Are our first impressions of alternative people’s personalities frequently unsuitable? Are inventive contributors basically maladjusted? Are our character features, as William James placed it “set like plaster” through the age of thirty? Is a trust that we're answerable for our lives an unmitigated sturdy? Do our singular personalities contain one unified self or a confederacy of selves, and if the latter, which of our mini-me-s can we supply up in marriage or mergers? Are a few participants genetically hard-wired for happiness? that's the extra doable course towards human flourishing, the pursuit of happiness or the happiness of pursuit?

Little offers a source for answering such questions, and a framework wherein readers can discover the non-public implications of the recent technological know-how of character. Questionnaires and interactive exams through the publication facilitate self-exploration, and make clear the various stranger features of our personal behavior and that of others. Brian Little is helping us see ourselves, and different selves, as a bit much less complicated and certainly extra intriguing.

This isn't really a self-help ebook, yet scholars at Harvard who took the lecture path on which it's dependent declare that it replaced their lives.

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