Maximum Offense (Death's Head, Book 2)

Maximum Offense (Death's Head, Book 2)

David Gunn

With Death’s Head, David Gunn rocketed onto the scene within the so much explosive and unique technology fiction debut seeing that Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon. Now Gunn is back–and so is Sven Tveskoeg: delinquent, antihero, anti-you-name-it, a one-man killing spree whose ally is an clever handgun with a foul perspective and whose worst enemy is, good, near to everyone else.

And if Sven weren’t harmful sufficient already, upload within the deadly alien parasite that is living in his throat . . . and is able to bending area and time. Then there’s the truth that Sven’s genetic make-up is just 98.2 percentage human, the remainder being undetermined yet probably contributing to his improved therapeutic talents, improved power, strange agility, and remarkable sociopathic developments. the result's one heavily badass soldier with a hair-trigger mood and a chip on his shoulder the dimensions of a small moon. those are traits that might doom a guy to legal or worse in any first rate society.

Luckily, Sven doesn’t reside in an honest society. He lives within the empire of OctoV, a tyrant who's half computer, half boy, half god, and all evil. Sven’s features have introduced him to OctoV’s own awareness and earned him a lieutenant’s fee within the Death’s Head, the elite corps of assassins and enforcers whose function in existence is to kill and die for the higher glory of OctoV.

Sven’s new project? Lead his ragtag band of Death’s Head rejects–the Aux, brief for auxiliaries–to the synthetic international of Hekati. apparently a citizen of the United unfastened, an empire not just vaster than OctoV’s yet way more technologically complicated, has long past lacking there. Now it’s as much as Sven to rescue the bad soul.

But Hekati seems to be a vicious den of backstabbing and betrayal, the place not anything and nobody will be relied on, least of all of the greenhorn colonel installed cost of the challenge on the final second. It seems like anyone desires Sven Tveskoeg dead.

So what else is new?

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