Masquerading the Marquess

Masquerading the Marquess

Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory makes her Avon debut with this fascinating new novel within which everybody has anything to hide...Masquerading the Marquess is bound to be enjoyed through enthusiasts of Regency–era ancient romance and mysteries.

Calliope Minton is a caricaturist in cover. For her most up-to-date function she secures assistance from Stephen Chalmers, the only precise gentleman she understands and trusts. regrettably the function additionally plops her correct into the lap of James Trenton, Marquess of Angelford, her favorite topic of ridicule and private enemy. With James round, holding her smart cover turns into tougher that she anticipates, in particular considering the fact that she's pretending to be a courtesan.

James Trenton has sufficient on his brain attempting to observe the id of the caricaturist who has been humiliating him within the papers, and the very last thing he wishes is the extra distraction of Calliope Minton.

but if Stephen disappears and demise threats commence, Calliope and James reluctantly shape a partnership to discover their pal – and discover a traitor. Slowly mistrust transforms into friendship and animosity into desire.

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