Man in the Empty Suit

Man in the Empty Suit

Sean Ferrell

Say you are a time tourist and you've got already toured everything of human historical past. After your time, the surface international may possibly lose a bit of its luster. that is why this time tourist celebrates his birthday partying with himself. each year, he travels to an deserted lodge in big apple urban in 2071, the hundredth anniversary of his delivery, and beverages twelve-year-old Scotch (lots of it) with the entire different types of who he has been and who he'll be. convinced, the celebration is identical yr after yr, yet at the very least it truly is one get together the place he can fairly, good, be himself.

The yr he turns 39, although, the occasion takes a demanding flip for the more serious. ahead of he even makes it into the grand ballroom for a drink he encounters the physique of his forty-year-old self, useless of a gunshot wound to the top. because the older models of himself on the get together indicate, the onus is on him to determine what went wrong--he has twelve months to forestall himself from being murdered, or they are all goners. As he follows clues that he might or would possibly not have willingly left for himself, he discovers rampant paranoia and suspicion between his more youthful selves, and a daunting conspiracy one of the Elders. most intricate of all is a haunting girl probably named Lily who turns up on the social gathering this 12 months, the 1st individual along with himself he is ever visible on the celebration. For the 1st time, he has whatever to lose. this is hoping he can avoid wasting model of his personal life

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