Mac OS X for Unix Geeks (Leopard)

Mac OS X for Unix Geeks (Leopard)

Ernest E. Rothman, Brian Jepson, Rich Rosen

If you are a developer or approach administrator lured to Mac OS X as a result of its Unix roots, you will fast notice that acting Unix projects on a Mac is diversified than what you are acquainted with. Mac OS X for Unix Geeks serves as a bridge among Apple's Darwin OS and the extra conventional Unix structures. This transparent, concise advisor grants a travel of Mac OS X's Unix shell in either Leopard and Tiger, and is helping you discover the amenities that exchange or correspond to straightforward Unix utilities.

You'll the right way to practice universal Unix initiatives in Mac OS X, reminiscent of utilizing listing providers rather than the traditional Unix /etc/passwd and /etc/group, and you will be capable of collect code, hyperlink to libraries, and port Unix software program utilizing both Leopard and Tiger. This booklet teaches you to:

  • Navigate the Terminal and know the way it differs from an xterm
  • Use Open listing (LDAP) and NetInfo in addition to listing Services
  • Compile your code with GCC 4
  • Port Unix courses to Mac OS X with Fink
  • Use MacPorts to put in free/open resource software
  • Search via metadata with Spotlight's command-line utilities
  • Build the Darwin kernel

And there is even more. Mac OS X for Unix Geeks is the precise survival advisor to tame the Unix facet of Leopard and Tiger. in case you are a Unix geek with an curiosity in Mac OS X, you will soon locate that this e-book is invaluable.

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