Lovecraft Annual No. 1 (2007)

Lovecraft Annual No. 1 (2007)

Lovecraft Annual No. 1 [2007]
New Scholarship on H. P. Lovecraft
Edited through S. T. Joshi
New York: Hippocampus Press

ISSN 1935-6102

Table of contents

* Lovecraft learn This, Darrell Schweitzer
* Lovecraft and Lawrence Face the Hidden Gods: differences of Pan in “The color out of Space” and St. Mawr, Robert H. Waugh
* thoughts of Sonia H. Greene Davis, Martin H. Kopp
* Letters to Lee McBride White, H. P. Lovecraft
* The damaging Mystics of the Mechanistic chic: Walter Benjamin and Lovecraft’s Cosmicism, Jeff Lacy and Steven J. Zani
* team spirit in variety: Fungi from Yuggoth as a Unified environment, Phillip A. Ellis
* “They Have Conquered Dream”: A. Merritt’s “The Face within the Abyss” and H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Mound”, Peter Levi
* The Master’s Eyes Shining with secrets and techniques: H. P. Lovecraft’s impression on Thomas Ligotti, Matt Cardin
* Thomas Ligotti’s Metafictional Mapping: The Allegory of "The final dinner party of Harlequin", John Langan
* experiences

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