Love: The Owner's Manual (Owner's Manual for the Brain)

Love: The Owner's Manual (Owner's Manual for the Brain)

Cutting-edge, ordinary, and finished: the innovative consultant to the mind, now totally revised and updated

At delivery every one people is given the main strong and intricate software of all time: the human mind. And but, as we good understand, it does not include an owner's manual—until now. during this unsurpassed source, Dr. Pierce J. Howard and his workforce distill the very most modern examine and obviously clarify the sensible, real-world functions to our day-by-day lives. Drawing from the frontiers of psychology, neurobiology, and cognitive technology, but geared up and written for max usability, The Owner's handbook for the Brain, Fourth version, is your complete consultant to optimal psychological functionality and healthiness. it's going to be on each pondering person's bookshelf.

  • What are the elements of happiness?
  • that are the easiest treatments for complications and migraines?
  • How do we grasp creativity, concentration, selection making, and willpower?
  • What are the easiest mind foods?
  • How is it attainable to spice up reminiscence and intelligence?
  • what's the mystery to getting a great night's sleep?
  • how are you going to certainly deal with melancholy, nervousness, habit, and different disorders?
  • what's the influence of food, tension, and workout at the brain?
  • Is character hard-wired or fluid?
  • What are the simplest concepts while getting better from trauma and loss?
  • How do moods and feelings interact?
  • what's the excellent studying atmosphere for children?
  • How do love, humor, song, friendship, and nature give a contribution to well-being?
  • Are there methods of decreasing unfavourable qualities comparable to aggression, short-temperedness, or irritability?
  • what's the steered therapy for concussions?
  • are you able to hold up or hinder Alzheimer's and dementia?
  • What are crucial constituents to a winning marriage and family?
  • What do the world's most efficient managers learn about management, motivation, and persuasion?
  • Plus 1,000s extra topics!

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