Love Letters from a Duke

Love Letters from a Duke

Elizabeth Boyle

He's at her provider . . .

Though she cannot manage to pay for the coal to warmth her drafty Mayfair mansion, Felicity Langley nonetheless clings to her dream of marrying a duke—one she's had given that her first actual curtsy. in the end, she's been promised to the very lofty Duke of Hollindrake for the final 4 years. Now all she has to do is meet him. yet what Felicity does not discover is that she has met her duke—he's the altogether too good-looking guy who Felicity has simply improper . . . for her new footman!

By rights, Thatcher may still instantly set this presumptuous chit immediately and inform her he has no purpose of honoring the prepared betrothal. yet he is quick obsessed on Felicity's pleasant decision, her irrepressible appeal . . . and her breathtaking sensuality. sure, she'd wed him instantly have been his actual id revealed—but Thatcher's vowed to marry just for love. So starts off his deception and his conquest of this unusual lady who does not think in romance, yet is set to discover her center and keenness set aflame by means of the not likely guy she's sworn to resist.

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