Lost in Space: Architecture and Dementia

Lost in Space: Architecture and Dementia

Eckhard Feddersen, Insa Lüdtke

Dementia offers massive demanding situations – either for people in addition to for society as an entire. greater than 35 million humans around the globe presently stay with dementia, a host that's anticipated to double by way of 2050. This additionally has implications for structure and concrete making plans simply because dementia usually impacts people’s experience of orientation and their skill to understand area. How can houses, flats, public structures, open air areas, neighbourhoods and towns, in addition to environments and infrastructure, be designed to fulfill the desires of individuals with dementia in addition to these in their caregivers? and will a attention of the issues of dementia result in a greater realizing of house which can increase structure and the outfitted surroundings for us all?

This ebook addresses those and different questions in a chain essays that learn the categorical necessities for various disciplines. additionally, foreign case research initiatives illustrate the breadth of present genuine strategies. The ebook is meant as a consultant for all these considering the layout and making plans technique – architects, inside designers, engineers, city planners, neighborhood experts and consumers – and as a reader for the clients themselves: for individuals with dementia, their friends and family, and all these of their social setting.

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