Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska

Peter Jenkins

More than two decades in the past, a disappointed collage graduate named Peter Jenkins set out together with his puppy Cooper to appear for himself and his country. His memoir of what he stumbled on, A stroll throughout America, captured the hearts of thousands of Americans.

Now, Peter is a section older, married with a relatives, and his trips are various than they have been. probably he's trying to find experience, probably thought, possibly new groups, might be unspoiled land. definitely, he stumbled on all of this and extra in Alaska, America's final wilderness.

Looking for Alaska is Peter's account of eighteen months spent touring over twenty thousand miles in tiny bush planes, on snow machines and snowshoes, in fishing boats and kayaks, at the Alaska Marine street and the Haul highway, trying to find what defines Alaska. listening to the fantastic tales of many actual Alaskans--from Barrow to Craig, Seward to Deering, and in every single place in between--Peter will get to understand this position within the manner that basically he can. His ensuing portrait is an extraordinary and unforgettable depiction of a deadly and lovely land and the entire people who name it domestic.

He additionally took his spouse and eight-year-old daughter with him, settling right into a "home base" in Seward at the Kenai Peninsula, coming and going from there, and web hosting the remainder of their relations for prolonged visits. the way in which his kin lived, how they made Alaska their domestic or even participated in Peter's explorations, is as a lot part of this tale as Peter's personal travels.

All in all, Jenkins supplies a hot, humorous, awe-inspiring, and noteworthy diary of discovery-both of this position that captures all of our imaginations, and of himself, in every single place again.

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