Little Lady, Big Apple

Little Lady, Big Apple

Hester Browne

In Hester Browne's "deliciously addictive" (Cosmopolitan) bestseller The Little girl Agency, Melissa Romney-Jones reworked herself from doormat to diva as Honey, London's most popular freelance female friend. Now, Melissa is ready to take big apple, and its clueless bachelors, through storm!

With the Little girl enterprise doing a booming enterprise again domestic, Melissa joins her speeding American boyfriend, Jonathan Riley, for a longer vacation in new york. yet she's quickly out of her intensity between Jonathan's hard-charging pals and his interfering ex-wife. And whereas she's fascinated with purchasing and sight-seeing, a covert paintings chance is an impossible to resist temptation -- a undertaking that quickly lands her within the tabloids! Now, a hilarious and heartbreaking chain of occasions may perhaps strength Melissa to choose from the fellow she loves and the original man-handling enterprise into which she has poured her middle and soul....

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