Life at the Zoo: Behind the Scenes with the Animal Doctors

Life at the Zoo: Behind the Scenes with the Animal Doctors

Phillip T. Robinson

Please don't Annoy, torment, pester, plague, molest, fear, badger, harry, persecute, irk, bullyrag, vex, disquiet, grate, beset, trouble, tease, nettle, tantalize or ruffle the Animals.―sign at zoo

Since the early days of touring menageries and staged points of interest that incorporated animal acts, balloon ascents, and pyrotechnic screens, zoos have come some distance. The Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes in Paris, based in 1793, did not supply its nice apes classes in parenting or practice dental surgical procedure on leopards. definitely the creation of veterinary care within the 19th century―and its sluggish integration into the twentieth―has had a lot to do with this. at the present time, we think extra of zoos as animal welfare issues have escalated besides regular advances in technological know-how, medication, and expertise. Life on the Zoo is an eminent zoo veterinarian's own account of the demanding situations awarded via the evolution of zoos and the expectancies in their viewers. in accordance with fifteen years of labor on the world-famous San Diego Zoo, this captivating e-book finds the risks and rewards of operating a latest zoo.

Zoos exist outdoor of the "natural" order during which the worlds of people and myriad unique animals could infrequently, if ever, collide. yet this not likely come upon is strictly why modern day zoos stay the websites of a lot humor, confusion, and, sometimes, risk. This ebook abounds with insights on natural world (foulmouthed parrots, gum-chewing chimps, pungent flamingoes), human habit (the fierce festival for zookeeper jobs, the well-worn shtick of journey guides), and the casualties―both animal and human―of lack of know-how and carelessness. Phillip Robinson indicates how animal indicates are constructed and the way health problems are detected and describes the perils of operating round risky creatures. From escaping the affections of a leopard that concept he was once a lap cat to education a gorilla to carry her infant child lightly (instead of scrubbing the ground with it) and from working on an anesthetized elephant ("I had the insecure sensation of operating below a wide sell off truck with a wobbly aid jack") to understanding why a zoo's polar bears have been turning eco-friendly in colour, Life on the Zoo tells impossible to resist tales approximately zoo animals and zoo people.

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