Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Mary Higgins Clark

during this mass industry reissue from America’s Queen of Suspense, an research into the relationship among a long-ago homicide and a plastic surgeon’s obsession with an ideal face catapults prosecutor Kerry McGrath into the unusual and ominous territory of these so hungry for attractiveness they’ll kill for it.

It’s a minor twist of fate that brings prosecutor Kerry McGrath to the plastic surgeon’s place of work together with her cherished daughter, Robin. yet at the same time the health care professional assures Kerry that her daughter’s scars will heal, she spies a familiar-looking appealing girl within the ready room and is seized by means of an overwhelming feel of deja vu. whilst, on a go back stopover at, she sees an analogous haunting face—on one other woman—she has an extreme flash of popularity: it’s the face of Suzanne Reardon, the “Sweetheart homicide” sufferer, killed greater than ten years in the past! yet for what attainable cause could Dr. Smith be giving his sufferers the face of a lifeless woman?

As Kerry immerses herself in a clean research, each one new piece of facts she reveals finds a irritating cache of questions. not just does every person concerned are looking to hold the case closed, it’s transparent anyone will cease at not anything to maintain it sealed forever.

Interweaving interesting characters with deeply bold, staggeringly unpredictable plot twists, Mary Higgins Clark reminds us that she is, certainly, America’s Queen of Suspense.

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