Let It Be Me (The Blue Raven, Book 5)

Let It Be Me (The Blue Raven, Book 5)

Kate Noble

"**London climate is chilly—and the social scene much more so.
Luckily, Bridget Forrester is simply getting warmed up…**

Bridget longs to satisfy a gentleman who doesn’t point out her attractive sister upon shaking her hand. yet in view that being branded a shrew after a disastrous social season, Bridget is familiar with she’s fortunate to also have a guy come close to her. It’s sufficient to make a girl flee the country…

So Bridget heads to Venice for tune classes with the popular Italian composer Vincenzo Carpenini, with whom she’s been corresponding. yet not just is Carpenini now not looking ahead to her, he doesn’t even consider her! His pal, theater proprietor Oliver Merrick, does, notwithstanding. And one check out her tantalizing eco-friendly eyes has him cursing his impulsive letter-writing, which introduced her around the continent. but prior to Merrick can say sorry, Carpenini has ordered her away.

Little does both guy be aware of that they're going to quickly be embroiled in a bet that would require the attractive omit Forrester’s help—or that there’ll be way more at stake during this gamble than money…  

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