Lenin (Reaktion Books - Critical Lives)

Lenin (Reaktion Books - Critical Lives)

After Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin (1870–1924) is the guy so much linked to communism and its effect and succeed in world wide. Lenin was once the chief of the communist Bolshevik celebration in the course of the October 1917 revolution in Russia, and he thus headed the Soviet kingdom till 1924, bringing balance to the zone and developing a socialist financial and political system.


In Lenin, Lars T. Lih provides a outstanding new interpretation of Lenin’s political opinions and techniques. before, Lenin has been portrayed as a pessimist with a dismissive view of the innovative power of the employees. despite the fact that, Lih unearths that beneath the pointy polemics, Lenin was once truly a romantic fanatic instead of a bitter pragmatist, person who imposed that means at the whirlwind of occasions happening round him. This concise and detailed biography relies on wide-ranging new learn that places Lenin into the context either one of Russian society and of the overseas socialist stream of the early 20th century. It additionally units the improvement of Lenin’s political outlook firmly in the framework of his kinfolk heritage and personal existence. additionally, the book’s pictures, that are taken from modern photos, posters, and drawings, illustrate the positive aspects of Lenin’s global and time.


A shiny, non-ideological portrait, Lenin is an important examine one of many key figures of contemporary history.

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