Leave It to Psmith

Leave It to Psmith

P. G. Wodehouse

“P.G. Wodehouse continues to be the funniest author ever to have positioned phrases on paper.” ―Hugh Laurie

Ronald Psmith (“the ‘p’ is silent, as in pshrimp”) is often keen to aid a damsel in misery. So while he sees Eve Halliday with out an umbrella in the course of a downpour, he nobly deals her an umbrella, although it’s one he choices out of the Drone Club’s umbrella rack. Psmith is so besotted with Eve that, whilst Lord Emsworth, her new boss, blunders him for Ralston McTodd, a poet, Psmith pretends to be him so he could make his option to Blandings fort and woo her. And so the farce starts: criminals disguised as poets with a plan to thieve a valuable diamond necklace, a secretary who throws flower pots via home windows, and a evening heist that results in gunplay. How will every little thing be looked after out? go away it to Psmith!

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