Learning MySQL

Learning MySQL

Hugh E. Williams, Seyed M.M. Tahaghoghi

Whether you are operating a company, keeping an eye on participants andmeetings for a membership, or simply attempting to manage a wide and diversecollection of knowledge, you can find the MySQL database engineuseful for answering questions such as:

  • that are my most sensible ten fastest-selling products?
  • How usually does this individual come to our facility?
  • What was once the top, lowest, and commonplace ranking of the group final season?

MySQL, the most well-liked open-source database, deals the facility ofa relational database in a package deal that is effortless to establish andadminister, and Learning MySQL presents the entire instruments you would like toget all started. This densely packed instructional contains detailedinstructions that can assist you manage and layout an efficient database,create robust queries utilizing SQL, configure MySQL for improvedsecurity, and squeeze details from your info.

After overlaying the fundamentals, the ebook travels some distance into MySQL'ssubtleties, together with complicated queries and joins, easy methods to engage withthe database over the internet utilizing personal home page or Perl, and importanthouse-keeping akin to backups and security.

Topic include:

  • install on Linux, home windows, and Mac OS X
  • Basic and complicated querying utilizing SQL
  • User administration and security
  • Backups and recovery
  • Tuning for more desirable efficiency
  • Developing command-line and net database purposes utilizing thePHP and Perl programming languages

The authors, Saied Tahaghoghi and Hugh E. Williams, have careers inacademia and company, and proportion a willing curiosity in learn intosearch technologies.

Whether you've gotten by no means touched a database or have already completedsome MySQL initiatives, you will find insights in Learning MySQLthat will final a career.

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